About Us

Founded in 1974

Jack Kurnat, our founder, started out in the utility field as a mechanic for Kent Electric. After working there for several years and moving his family around the state, he accepted a job with Digger and Aerial and opened a shop for them in Grand Rapids which was very near his hometown of Casnovia.

Within six months however, Digger and Aerial decided to pull out of the Grand Rapids area. Jack, not wanting to move from his home town again, decided that it was time to take the risk of opening his own shop. In 1974 he did just that. Jack has been very successful in this endeavor and is known for "doing it right" and earning the trust and continued support of his many, many customers.

Family Owned and Operated

In 2005, Jack sold the business to two of his children, Doug and Jackie. Aerial Hydraulic Repair is the only job that Doug has ever had. He began sweeping floors for his dad at about 12 years old and quickly picked up the concepts of troubleshooting and repairing hydraulic systems. Jackie joined the company in 1989 and assisted her mom Lori with the office work. Their intent is to continue to provide the same excellent, trustworthy service the customers of Aerial Hydraulic Repair have come to expect.